International Construction Measurement Standards, 2nd edition

ICMS Standards Setting Committee (ICMS SSC)

The SSC comprises experts selected by the Coalition and representing a wide range of professional construction organisations in the built environment. The SSC acts independently from the Coalition and its members.

The SSC members and co-authors of ICMS, 1st edition (July 2017) are:

Ong See-Lian (Malaysia) ChairmanAlan Muse (UK) Vice-ChairmanGerard O'Sullivan (Republic of Ireland) Executive SecretaryAlexander Aronsohn (UK)Dainna Baharuddin (Malaysia)Tolis Chatzisymeon (Greece)William Damot (Philippines) Ruya Fadason (Nigeria)Roger Flanagan (UK)Mark Gardin (Canada)Malcolm Horner (UK)Roy Howes (Canada)Guo Jing Juan (China)Philip Larson (USA)Patrick Manu (Ghana)Charles Mitchell (Republic of Ireland)Sinimol Noushad (UAE)Antonio Paparella (Belgium)David Picken (Australia)Anil Sawhney (India)Peter Schwanethal (UK)Koji Tanaka (Japan)Tang Ki-Cheung (Hong Kong).

In January 2018, the SSC started drafting the second edition incorporating life cycle costs. Experts in life cycle costing therefore joined the SSC.

The SSC members and co-authors of the second edition are:

Ong See-Lian (Malaysia) Chairman

Alan Muse (UK) Vice-Chairman

Gerard O'Sullivan (Republic of Ireland) Executive Secretary

Alexander Aronsohn (UK)

Dainna Baharuddin (Malaysia)

Tolis Chatzisymeon (Greece)

Ruya Fadason (Nigeria)

Andrew Green (UK)

Malcolm Horner (UK)

Roy Howes (Canada)

Francis Leung (Hong Kong)

Patrick Manu (Ghana)

Brian McBurney (Canada)

Charles Mitchell (Republic of Ireland)

Sinimol Noushad (UAE)

Antonio Paparella (Belgium)

David Picken (Australia)

Anil Sawhney (India)

Koji Tanaka (Japan)

Tang Ki-Cheung (Hong Kong)

Luizviminda Villacan (Philippines).