International Construction Measurement Standards, 2nd edition

Part 3 Project Attributes and Project Values

This part of the standard sets out the Project Attributes and Project Values to be used when presenting costs. These attributes have been carefully selected and are limited to those that have a direct bearing on the costs. Cost comparisons are made possible within project types by these Project Attributes.


    1. All values should be given so long as the attributes are relevant.
    2. Alternative values are separated with a vertical slash ( | ). More than one alternative value may be chosen. Some attributes are multi-valued requiring the entry of sets of sub-attributes and values, e.g. more than one set of dimensions or quantities are to be stated when more than one size is involved.
    3. All quantities should be rounded to the nearest whole number unless considered inappropriate in special circumstances.
    4. These Project Attributes and Project Values capture the minimum principal cost-significant characteristics of a Project or Sub-Project. Users may add more Project Attributes and Project Values to suit their needs.
    5. The values of functional units refer to the designed values.





Roads, runways and motorways




Waste water treatment works

Water treatment works


Wells and boreholes

Power-generating plants

Chemical plants


Dams and Reservoirs

Mines and Quarries