Draft: International Cost Management Standard, 3rd edition (ICMS 3)

Welcome to the consultation for ICMS 3 and thank you for your interest in taking part. The ICMS Coalition is keen to hear as many views as possible to ensure the new standard is fit for purpose. You are invited to comment on the consultation draft [HERE] and also complete the accompanying questionnaire [HERE].


This third edition of ICMS recognises the criticality of consistently reporting carbon emissions if a disaster caused by global climate change is to be averted. By providing a common reporting framework for capital costs, life cycle costs and carbon emissions, it allows their interrelationship to be explored, and provides the data to make decisions about the design, construction, operation and maintenance of the built environment that optimises environmental sustainability.

In addition to extending the use of ICMS to carbon emissions, the Standard Setting Committee has taken this opportunity to add five new project types: ‘Offshore structures’, ‘Near shore works’, ‘Ports’, ‘Waterway works’ and ‘Land formation and reclamation’ as well as making minor modifications in response to feedback received from practitioners.

Considering these changes, the ICMS Coalition has decided to change the title of ICMS to 'International Cost Management Standard', which, while retaining the same acronym, reflects the broader, high-level scope of its contents. Nevertheless, the structural framework of ICMS remains unchanged, allowing comparisons with reports of capital and life cycle costs that have been produced in accordance with the first and second editions.


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The draft standard is provided in two formats: a downloadable PDF for ease of use; and a structured document against which comments can be made. When commenting on this consultation draft, please make sure you:

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As well as commenting on the consultation draft, we would also like you to complete a short questionnaire. This is used to pose some specific questions about the draft standard and to collect some general details about those taking part in this consultation, which help us to asses the breadth of the response.

If you require further assistance or information, please contact Simon Hall shall2@rics.org 

This consultation will close on Friday 10 September 2021

Consultation closes on 10th September. Don't miss your chance to comment!



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