International Land Measurement Standards (ILMS)

Appendix C - Land Information Worksheet - For Real Property Transaction

This worksheet is a detailed summary, which can be used as a basis for completing the Land Information Systems Reporting Framework (Appendix A). In many markets, all the sub-component information may not be available or easily obtainable and in these instances practitioners should complete as much as possible. Where information cannot be provided the reasons should be clearly stated, including the steps undertaken to try to obtain the information or the alternative assumptions made. The steps to complete in this sheet are as follows.

  1. Complete as many sub-components as possible for a component within the Example Worksheet, e.g. Land Tenure, Complete the details and date for each sub-component and highlight whether the information obtained is formal or informal and whether there is any documentary support and if so what form this takes.
  2. Complete any additional comments in relation to the sub-component, particularly any related to risk.
  3. Repeat this process (1 to 2) for each component.