International Land Measurement Standards (ILMS)

ILMS Standard Setting Committee

The Coalition set up a Standard Setting Committee to create ILMS. The standards are capable of being relied upon and prompts the integrity of the due diligence process carried out by all parties in whatever context the transaction is being conducted. Each 'land information' component as contained within ILMS can be used to facilitate Land Administration Standards, enable governance, enhance policy, support tenure security and help to 'benchmark' nations against each other in line with the World Bank 'Doing Business' index (Registration of Land/Property).

An independent Standard Setting Committee (the SSC) was formed in January 2017 to develop global standards for land and real property transaction reporting. The SSC includes technical experts from 18 countries and a combined expertise covering over 100 different markets. The SSC worked virtually and part of the SSC met in person at the World Bank Land and Poverty Conference in Washington DC (March 2017), the FIG working week in Helsinki (June 2017) and Berlin (September 2017).

The SSC will also monitor all related guidance notes to ensure consistency with the principles and intent of the ILMS. All local, regional or worldwide approaches will be documented to allow co-ordination, expansion and consistency of ILMS-related guidance whenever required.

Further to discussions, the Coalition asked the SSC to initially look at the creation of a Standard, which is deliverable within existing national legal frameworks and within the competences or skill sets of surveyors. The Coalition considered that most of these elements will initially lie within the area of land and real property transaction reporting, which can be defined as 'an international set of principles governing the collection, processing, storage and use of data pertaining to land ownership, usage, quality, location and change(s) over time.' In situations where a functioning LIS exists the standards will form the primary authoritative source for such information. In situations where a functioning LIS does not exist other verifiable documentary sources should be sought and original primary data collection may also be required.

The Coalition suggested that the SSC draft standards for reporting land and real property transactions that contain the following key elements of the land transfer process:

1. land tenure

2. land parcel delimitation and description (boundary)

3. site/land area

4. land use

5. services

6. building

7. land valuation.

The SSC comprises experts representing a wide range of professional and non-governmental organisations.

The SSC acts independently of the Coalition and its members.

This document setting out the provisions of ILMS is the first prepared by the Coalition's Standard Setting Committee (the SSC). The SSC members and co-authors of ILMS are:

Rob Mahoney (Global) Chair

Duncan Moss (Global) Vice Chair

Thomas Jacubeit (Europe) Vice Chair

Alexander Aronsohn (Global) Executive Secretary

Alexander González (Central America)

Andy Smith (UK)

Anil Kashyap (India/ SE Asia)

Charisse Griffith-Charles (Caribbean)

Gabriel Arancibia (North/Central/South America/Central Asia)

Kwasi Baffour Awuah (West Africa)

Li Li (China)

Miguel Diaz (South/Central America)

Piyush Tiwari (Oceania)

Pascal Lalande (Global)

Professor Ting Kien Hwa (Asia)

Richard Baldwin (Global)

Roberto Bandieri (Europe)

Sarah Sherlock (Europe)

Simon Corrigan (Europe)

Tigistu Gebremeskel (East Africa)

Tony Mulhall (UK).