Draft - IPMS - All Building Asset Classes

Part A: Aim and Scope of the Standards

A.1 Aim of Standards

The aim of IPMS is to provide transparency in the measurement of Buildings. IPMS support the requirements of Service Providers, Third Parties and Users of Property for consistency in measurement reporting. Until now the stated area of floor space in identical Buildings has varied considerably between countries, and sometimes within the same country, owing to differing measurement conventions.

A.2 Use of the Standards

IPMS define what is to be measured in a Building and the measurement parameters, but they do not dictate how measurements are to be obtained.

IPMS can be used for any purpose agreed between Users, Service Providers and Third Parties including asset management, benchmarking, construction, facility management, marketing, property financing, research, transactions and valuations.

IPMS provide a common language that can interface with pre-existing local measurement standards.

A.3 Accuracy

Service Providers must adopt appropriate measuring and computing processes so as to satisfy the requirements of Users. These requirements can range from a broad approximation for some purposes to a precise calculation for contractual or other reasons.

A.4 Floor Level Designation

IPMS adopt Level 0 as the primary ground level. Upper and lower levels are referred to sequentially as the number of levels above or below Level 0. For example, Levels 1, 2 or 3, etc. are above Level 0 and Levels -1, -2 or -3, etc. are below Level 0.